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NETS - History



New England Tamil Sangam (NETS) provides a full range of Tamil Cultural activities and Community Service to the New England region. The members of the NETS are the residents of New England region and have interest in Tamil cultural and social events .

Founded as a Sangam about 30 years ago, NETS is a non-profit organization with the sole interest of bringing in quality Tamil cultural programs to our community living in New England region. NETS, as of today, has more than 225 members and is expected to grow further in the coming years.

Our sangam provides means and mechanisms for many talent displays. It also provides as a great place to have some social contacts. We help our members build new friendships and foster our unity. To help facilitate these, we organized lot of Social Events.

We organized Kalai Vizhaa which was designed to show case various talents like singing, acting, poetry etc. We celebrate the Children’s Day every year to honour our Nehru Mama and felt that the future of any country/region is at the hands of young children. We usually celebrate all our Tamil festivals like Pongal,Tamil Newyear,Deepavali etc.

As we are a non-profit organization, we cannot run an organization without active contributions from many individuals and organizations. Contributions from our members can be logically split into two (1) Physical and (2) Monetary. While we had many volunteers for physical work, and we also get the financial support from our local community Sponsors.

Thanks to all our Sponsors.

Thanks to our sponsors